Bin-Tech is a system manufacturer specializing in research, development, production, sales and service of water pump,water pump sets. It is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, innovative and value-added water solutions.
High-lift Cast Iron pump 1.5 - 2H High-lift Cast Iron pump 3H High-lift Cast Iron pump 4H
High-lift Cast Iron pump 3H
HT200 Cast Iron
Exceeding power and environmental expectations. Designed with Bin-Tech engineer, this means a powerful, yet efficient friendly water pump.
Max. Flow technology
Advanced noise reduction design
Quick, easy handling
Fuel Economical

Our pumps ensure greater combustion efficiency and reduced fuel usage because they are outfitted with ECO engines.


Special metal frame was used, which significantly decreased weight and ensured ease of use.

A wide range

Our casting iron pumps use HT200 iron material, we modified the flow channel and impeller which allow our pump provide more volume of water and can arrive more high.

Durable construction

Each pump's main components are reinforced for the best possible wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Simple to maintain

Just removing a few bolts will allow you to clean the interior casing.


Inlet / Outlet






Max. Head


Max. Flow

(m3/h) / (GPM)

Running Time


Tank Capacity


N.W / G.W


3H-188 80/80 188 10 75 41/180 2 - 2.5 3.6 72/75
3H-205 80/80 205 11 85 48/211 2 - 2.5 3.6 72/75
3H-208 80/80 208 13 90 44/194 2 - 2.5 3.6 73/76
3H-208-10 80/80 208 20 95 77/227 2 - 2.5 3.6 73/76